Zero Electric Scooters
Zero has years of experience in the field of electric scooters and emobility. Their objective is to offer an unequaled user experience by continuously developing their scooters based on user feedback. Next to that, zero scooters are very powerful and robust electric scooters that pack a punch. Fatdaddy offers the latest original versions.

Electric Scooters

Zero 10X

Speed 25-65km/h  Range 70-90km
1.5902.090 incl. 19% MwSt

Zero scooters

Zero 8

Speed 25-35km/h  Range 25km
590 incl. 19% MwSt
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Electric Scooters

Zero 9

Speed 25-50km/h  Range 40km
8401.090 incl. 19% MwSt

Electric Scooters

Zero 11X Extreme

Speed 95km/h  Range 120km
3.490 incl. 19% MwSt

Electric Scooters

Zero 8X

Speed 55km/h  Range 90km
1.790 incl. 19% MwSt